About Us

What We Do & Who We Are

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Our belief in education was the inspiration behind starting The Pehchaan Foundation in 2011. Minorities desperately need education, jobs, homes, and security, in that order. And we at the Pehchaan Foundation are committed to helping minorities unlock their potential and empowering them to finding solutions to these needs by focusing first on step 1. Education.

We believe lasting change can only be realized if we start with educating minorities at all levels.  We have made the decision to start with Higher Education because such education will give people the skills to get jobs, will allow people to start their own businesses and be job creators, will encourage people to get into practicing medicine, law, engineering, and give way for a new committed leadership to rise. That is why through our first project called The Pehchaan Scholarship Program we raise awareness about the need for education among Pakistan’s minorities and provide scholarships to highly motivated college and university students.

Since the start of our Scholarship Program in 2011 we have helped 35 students. (Read some of our Success Stories) We support all Pakistani minorities, male and female, of all regions, and in all educational fields. (find out more about The Pehchaan Scholarship Program)      

Our Vision

Our core belief is that every Pakistani man, woman, and child belonging to a minority community is respected as an equal citizen, deserving of opportunity, freedom, and prosperity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to aid the creation of developed, united, and prosperous Pakistani minority communities.