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  1. Name:  Stitching Pehchaan Foundation
  2. Fiscal Number:  51978938
  3. Contact Information: Churchillplein 24, 3011 EW Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  4. Board Members:
    1. Richard Qaiser
    2. Dianara Fabias
    3. Gerrit Jan de Wilde
  5. Benefits:  All activities for Stichting Pehchaan Foundation are conducted by volunteers.  A stipend is available for systematic work if funds have been raised for non core activities.
  6. Activities:  Raising awareness about Pakistani minorities, fund raising for project work dedicated to developing minority communities in Pakistan, and running the Pehchaan Scholarship Program.
  7. Vision and Mission:
    1. Vision:  Our core belief is that every Pakistani man, woman, and child belonging to a minority community is respected as an equal citizen, deserving of opportunity, freedom, and prosperity.
    2. Mission:  Our mission is to aid the creation of developed, united, and prosperous Pakistani minority communities.
  8. What we do
  9. Financial Information: