Success Stories

  • The Daughter

    This is the story of not only one of our students but of many of our applicants and probably many more young women out there. Q.S. is the second child in her family, she has one older brother and one younger brother. Because girls usually marry into another family her father has decided to use […]
  • Lead By Example

    Most of the time our students and applicants tell us about the injustice done to them for being of a minority group. All of our applicants live very close to poverty, have no running water or electricity at home, their family struggle to provide for basic necessities, and many times they are discriminated and victimized. In […]
  • About To Become A Doctor

    In February 2012 we received a compelling application from a 25 year old Sikh young man. His father had just passed after a heart attack and left his family in despair. As a textile merchant he worked hard to enable the education of all four of his children. S.B. the older son, just completed the 3rd year of the […]
  • First Christian To Win The Trophy

    S.A is a 20 year old young lady from the industrial and agricultural hub of Pakistan, Faisalabad. Since primary school and throughout high school she has been an excellent student. She got good grades, took part in various extra curricular activities, and received several awards and recognitions. However, the most important one was when she won […]