The Daughter

the-daughterThis is the story of not only one of our students but of many of our applicants and probably many more young women out there. Q.S. is the second child in her family, she has one older brother and one younger brother. Because girls usually marry into another family her father has decided to use the limited income he receives to pay for higher education for her brothers and not for her, even though her grades are far better. In high school she secured grades of more than 90% and was able to receive a merit scholarship based on her good performance. After graduating she has applied for a scholarship with us to pursue a Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery. She believes that God has given her a merciful heart to serve humanity and especially the sick people of her community.

We see great value in supporting both male and female students that have high academic potential and motivation. In 2012 we have accepted Q.S. as one of our scholars and she is currently starting her 2nd year of study.